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If you've never traded before, or if you are a trader of stocks or futures who is looking to get involved in the forex markets, we'll lead you step by step through everything you need to know to start trading currencies.

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To be successful in any pursuit, you need the right tools. Forex trading is certainly no exception. We take a look at some of the most important tools available to the new trader

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Trading Profitably on the Foreign Exchange Market
You may be asking yourself “how does one begin to trade profitably as a currency trader?”. First, it is important to closely monitor foreign equity markets to attempt to predict or model how their respective currencies will perform against other currencies, ideally, currencies that are not very closely related, nor proportional, to the former currency. For example, [...]
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Forex Crisis: Datlabs in Serious Trouble AllAfrica.com,Washington- Nov 21, 2005 One of Zimbabwe's largest manufacturers of drugs and various pharmaceutical products, Datlabs Private Limited, is facing serious foreign currency problems Daily Forex Commentary Asia Times Online,Hong Kong- Nov 21, 2005 Till then, be careful out there. Black Swan offers a subscription-based [...]
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Forex - US dollar lower against yen in Tokyo afternoon trade; euro Forbes- 35 minutes ago TOKYO (AFX) - The US dollar was trading lower against the yen, hit by active profit-taking by short-term traders, while the euro was rangebound, dealers said. Daily Forex Commentary Asia Times Online,Hong Kong- 16 hours [...]
The Margin Advantages of Trading FOREX.
There is one aspect that is considered as one of the best advantages of FOREX Trading. This is related to the amount of money you need to place a trade, this is known as “margin”, and in short, this is all that can be lost in a the case you had a bad trade. I state [...]
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Forex - US dollar firmer in Tokyo ahead of Trichet's testimony Forbes- 7 minutes ago TOKYO (AFX) - The dollar was firmer against major currencies in Tokyo, buoyed by short-covering ahead of a congressional testimony by European Central Bank FOREX-Yen rebounds on inflows, Chinese yuan speculation Reuters.uk,UK- Nov 17, 2005 still [...]

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